GE / Interlogix Alliance Seriesge alliance keypadge alliance keypad

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My system is going off, what do I do? - enter your four digit code, press off, enter the partition number (manager codes only) Example with code 1236 and partition 1: you would enter 1236 off 1


The keypad shows 'DGP Tamper': This means that one of the alarm boxes has been opened, or is still open. This message will not clear until all the tamper conditions have cleared. To clear the message, disarm your system by entering your code, off, then 0. Example xxxx off 0 If this message will not clear, call for service.


The time and date are wrong, how do I fix it? This is easiest done through the Alliance software, but it can be done at the keypad. To program the time from the keypad: press the menu button folowed by your code, then press 15 'enter' 2 'enter' then punch in the hour 'HH' and press 'enter', punch in the minutes 'MM' and press 'enter', punch the seconds 'SS' and press 'enter', punch in the day 'DD' and press 'enter', punch in the month 'MM' and press 'enter', then punch the year 'YY' and press 'enter'. Press 'clear' twice to return to the status screen.


To bypass a zone or sensor: Press 'menu' punch in your code and press 'enter', punch in 10 and press 'enter', punch in the zone number to bypass (example 69) and press 'enter'.