Diginet DVR
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Although Diginet is not officially supported anymore, it was once the epitome of simplicity, functionality, and flexibility. The Diginet Client software has known compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7however in most cases it will work as long as the client computer is running 32 bit Windows, and has an Intel processor.

If you have Windows 7 or Windows Vista please follow the steps below to 'tweak' Diginet for your system. If the steps listed below do not 'fix' the problem, there is no other solution!
1: On your desktop, you will have a shortcut for 'Diginet Center', right click on the shortcut and choose 'Properties'
2: Navigate to the 'Compatibility' tab and check 'Disable Visual Themes', and 'Disable Desktop Composition'.
3: Hit 'Apply' or 'OK'
4: Launch Diginet Center again